Vitality Team


Meet the first Wednesday of each month @ 12:00pm @ Hutch Rec, 17 East 1st, Hutchinson

To learn more, visit: BikeWalkHutch

Contact: Candace Davidson at

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The Vitality Team of Reno County promotes active lifestyles by working with policymakers to increase and improve the physical and built environment, including trails, sidewalks, public transit, parks, and other community resources.

Current Vitality Team Priorities:

  • Build community support around legislative policies for the built environment that enhance access to and availability of physical activity opportunities
  • Initiate or support programs that encourage group physical activity
  • Identify ways to educate youth/schools on bike safety and rules of the road
  • Recognize businesses and restaurants that provide facilities or incentives that encourage active transportation
  • Explore a bike share program in Hutchinson
  • Safety upgrades to trails

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